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    19-inch 8U height rack
    16-slot 6U cardcage
    80mm VITA 36 rear I/O bay
    VITA 38, VITA 31 backplane
    Front-Rear cable way
    Front door
    1200W PSU
    versatile design

The R8U16S is a 8U height 19'' Rack Mount Industrial Chassis featuring 16 slots of either VME or cPCI 6U size boards. The R8U16S has successfully passed the mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic EMC/EMI qualification tests required by our customers. Its modular design enables to fulfil the requirements of application areas ranging from the environmentally benign right through to deployed industrial, airborne and naval applications. All feature a door to better protect the electronics which is placed inside. It uses a modular Power Supply Unit (PSU) which allows to easy derive the product in a short time with a PSU more suitable for the application aimed by the customer, such as redundant PSU or higher power one.

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