Octo Core Intel® Xeon® Processor OpenVPX(tm) Server Blade
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    Fit for Virtual Machines and HPEC Applications
    Extended Life Cycle and 10-year Silicon Reliability
    Dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet, x8 PCI Express Gen3 Bandwidth
    8 Core Xeon® Processor D, 16 GB DDR4 with ECC


Kontron's 3u VPX blade VX3058 is based on the highly integrated 8-core Intel® Xeon® D architecture, supporting Dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet, high bandwidth PCI Express 3.0, and high speed DDR4 memory. It is consequently SWaP-C optimized with versatile mezzanine options for XMC, storage, graphics, M.2, and I/O. Combined with Kontron's advanced switch technologies and VxFabricTM for significantly higher I/O bandwidth, and combined with centralized health management, VX3058 is simply the best choice for high performance embedded computing platforms.

VX3058 brings server class applications into the battlefield.
Typical programs are

    radar, sonar
    imaging systems
    airborne fighter and UAV radar
    long term programs in harsh environments

VX3058 and leading edge architecture for Multi-CPU computing nodes.
VX3058 provides two 10 GBASE-KR ports and 8 lanes Gen3 PCI Express to the backplane. A 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch and a PCI Express Switch can be complemented with two respective single star data planes. Thanks to Kontron VxFabricTM, a unique API extends the TCP/IP protocol over the PCI Express infrastructure. Kontron’s sample turnkey system StarVX implements this architecture, enabling a significantly higher I/O bandwidth. While computing power has been continuously increasing in the past, and I/O bandwidth did not, the balance of both is back again by Kontron StarVX. VX3058 makes it a powerful, leading edge Multi-CPU computing node architecture.

Long term programs: high reliability and low Total-Cost-of-Ownership
Kontron provides a Long Term Supply program service (LTS) for over 15 years. Intel Communications silicon reliability is 10 years. A comprehensive Health Management is optionally available to support easy field maintenance. All this makes the VX3058 the ideal candidate for long term programs.

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