Specifically designed for transportation systems, Kontron's new advanced fanless and maintenance-free touch-screen HMI offers a flexible building block platform enabling developers of train control systems to quickly adapt functionality to different needs such as train functionality operational displays for drivers, passenger information displays and onboard computers. Moreover, Kontron's TRACe-HMI delivers a unified architecture approach with the full standardized TRACe family of products, enabling maximum interoperability . These benefits allow OEMs and integrators to do away with unnecessary development costs while helping to accelerate time to market, from application design to deployment schedules. Cost reductions in the certification phase can also be achieved by leveraging the same TRACe architecture for various applications.

The TRACe-HMI PanelPC has IP65 protection on the front side to safeguard it against dust and water and is available with touch screen (capacitive or resistive) and / or hardkeys. Thanks to its robust design the Kontron TRACe-HMI is well prepared for many demanding applications in the traffic and transportation industries. Other applications can be also found in the military, medical and industrial automation. Typical railway applications include, for example, Driver Display Systems (DDS) according to the UIC 612-0x, where the Kontron TRACe-HMI carries out diagnostic and control functions, such as Train Radio Display (TRD), Technical and Diagnostic Display (TDD), Control and Command Display (CCD) and Electronic Timetable Display (ETD). These applications benefit from the rugged application-ready platform that is efficiently protected against heat and cold thanks to the new Intel® Atom™ processor E3845 (Bay-Trail), reducing time-to-market to a minimum.

The long-term available Kontron TRACe-HMI offers high reliability and is certified according main railway standards (EN50155, EN50121-3-2, EN61373, EN60950) . Application developers obtain an application ready platform at no extra cost for their own certifications, saving both time and money.

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TRACe-HMI Drivers Console

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