COBALT™ S1901 New

Rugged High Performance Mission Computing Platform
Description du produit
  • ComExpress Intel® High Performance Processor
  • Expansion slots for multiple GPU, FPGA accelerators, or video modules
  • Multiple I/O high speed interfaces and high capacity storage options
  • Wireless connectivity options for cellular and wifi
  • Ruggedized & modular platform ideal for defense deployments

The COBALT™ S1901 Mission Computing Platform features the latest in Intel high performance processor and is designed to meet the future needs of Defense computing platforms for AI, Deep Leaning and HPEC by providing multiple GPU or Accelerator card options. The compact S1901 is designed for various high speed I/O options such as 10GbE (copper, but fiber is an option), USB 2/3.0, ruggedized connectors for GPS and 1 PPS timing signals, and room for customization options such as Camera Interfaces. Storage capacities are met using M.2 NVME slots, along with high capacity 2.5" SSD slots (fixed or removable). Standard options include WiFi and/or LTE cellular modem, and MIL-STD-1553, CANBus, auxiliary cooling fan assembly, and a safety processor module for autonomous vehicle applications.

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