KISS Oil & Gas 2U

Rugged Rackmount for Oil & Gas
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    Based on Kontron KTQ77/FLEX motherboard
    The KISS Oil & Gas 2U will primarily be used for data acquisition in field environments
    Rugged system featuring cable tie-downs, expansion card and memory hold-down brackets and shock-mounted drive bays
    Intel 3rd Generation Core™ i Series
    CE, FCC and UL certifications

Today’s opportunities for new drill sites are requiring the oil and gas industry to expand data collection and analysis efforts. Frontier acreage and challenging geographic installations are needed to meet the ever increasing demand from emerging and traditional markets.  Unconventional sources of gas and oil further complicate the need for rig managers to capture data for field use, control and analysis. Often the field and control centers are subjected to harsh environments.

Kontron has been designing and manufacturing embedded computer systems, subsystems and computer boards for the extreme needs of the military and industrial use for decades. By utilizing this expertise Kontron has developed a rugged 2U server that is designed to meet the needs for a tough, reliable server for the O&G industry. The KISS Oil & Gas 2U with a KTQ77/Flex motherboard is built in the US and has worldwide technical support. Since Kontron builds the motherboards and the systems, Kontron has optimized the server for reliability and high MTBF. The system meets shock and vibration considerations, as well as the temperature and dust extremes common to O&G installations.

All Kontron systems are revision controlled for ease of in field maintenance and understanding of the configuration each customer has selected. Since Kontron develops the motherboard and the system, each system is optimized and capabilities are enabled to meet O&G needs. Longtime availability of the motherboard and system reduces in-field operational costs and personnel training as drill sites are expanded. Each system has a special dust filter, tie downs, hold down brackets and shock mountings to ease transport.

Applications for the KISS Oil & Gas 2U include:

    Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
    Control room management
    Oil & Gas exploration
    Natural gas processing
    Wellhead monitoring control
    Unconventional sources exploration and control
    Evaluation during implementation of new technology

Kontron also offers custom product development services to the O&G industry for customers needing a high volume of systems.

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