Processor AdvancedMC module MPC8641D PowerPC with comprehensive fabric interconnect support
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  • AMC Processor Module, Single module, Mid/Full-size
  • Freescale dual-core MPC8641D PowerPC, 1.5 GHz
  • Up to 2 GByte soldered SDRAM memory with ECC running at up to 600 MHz
  • 2 GByte onboard NAND Flash
  • Comprehensive fabric interfaces Gigabit / PCI-Express / serial RapidIO concurrently
  • Excellent monitoring features
  • PICMG AMC.0/.1/.2/.4 compliance
  • VxWorks and Linux support


CPU Freescale MPC8641D Dual Core Power Architecture processor, 1.5 GHz
Chipset -
Compliance PICMG: AMC.0 R2.0 / AMC.1 / AMC.2 / AMC.4, Support for IPMI
Connectivity System Interconnect: 2x GbE, 1x PCI-Express x4, 1x sRIO x4, Debug Port, Com Port
CPU L2 Cache Dual 1 MByte
Flash 2 GB NAND Flash with onboard controller for application code and data
Form Factor Single width, full-size or mid-size
Front Side Bus -
Frontpanel 2x GbE, 1x COM (RJ45), 4 Control/Status LEDs (bi color)
Graphics -
Options -