3U VPX PCI Express and Ethernet Hybrid switch
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3U VPX PCI Express and Ethernet Hybrid switch

The Kontron 3U VPX PCI Express and Ethernet hybrid switch VX3905 is the ideal partner for the centralized backplane to efficiently handle a high bandwidth. It provides up to 24 Ports with 32 lane PCI Express Gen 1 / Gen 2 switching and additional 9 port gigabit Ethernet switching capabilities for the control plane. By this it offers a tenfold increase in I/O bandwidth between computing boards in High Performance Embedded Computing applications compared to VME, unleashing a new kind of applications for data processing platforms used for Radar, Sonar and general image processing.

VX3905 is available in an air-cooled version (0°C to +55°C) and in rugged conduction-cooled version (-40°C to + 85°C).

  • Compliant with OpenVPX VITA65 profile SLT3-SWH-6F6U-14.4.1
  • Up to 24 Ports/32 Lanes PCIe Switch
  • 9 Port Giga Ethernet Switch
  • Air-cooled and Conduction-cooled Builds


GbE Switch Features
Marvell MVL88E6185, 9 Giga ethernet ports, 3 on board 1000BaseT PHY, 2 front RJ45 1000BaseT (SA build only), 1 rear 1000BaseT, 6 1000BaseBX rear links
PCI Express / PCI support
IDT 89H32NT24AG2, 32 Lanes, up to 24 Ports, User configurable ports as x8, x4, x2 (and x1 for 16 lanes), PCI Express gen2 and gen1, Front x4 PCI Express cable connector (SA build only)
Power Consumption
25W max (without Sata drive)
Power Supply
Single +5V power supply
Optional Sata disk carrier compliant with OpenVPX VITA65 SLT3-STO-2U-14.5.1